ORDER stay alive at IEM Fall Oceania

Walking on the edge.

Keeping their chances afloat.

After losing to Looking for Org, ORDER had to run the table to stand at least a small chance of making it to PGL Major Stockholm 2021, while VERTEX looked to play a role of spoiler in the lower bracket of the IEM Fall Oceania.

Late VERTEX rally made things interesting on Dust2, as ORDER secured a “16-13” win due to their five round lead at the break. Ancient, however, went south for the favourites, as VERTEX unexpectedly won both halves of the map for a “16-14” win, forcing the decider map right at the very end of regulation. Overpass looked even worse for ORDER, as VERTEX jumped to a “11-4” half on their defence, but after the break ORDER cooled off the underdogs’ offence, as they never lost consecutive rounds for a “16-13” map win and a “2-1” series victory.

While VERTEX are now out, ORDER will face the loser between Renegades and Looking for Org in the consolidation final, still keeping their chances of making it to Sweden alive.