OttoNd and Sm1llee join HAVU

OttoNd returns to the pro scene

HAVU have announced their complete roster leaving the reshuffle.

HAVU reported that they had signed Otto "⁠ottoNd⁠" Sihvo and Joona "⁠Sm1llee⁠" Holmström and completed the roster. OttoNd had been inactive since December 2020, when his previous team c0ntact disbanded the roster. Finnish player will take the role of AWPer in HAVU, but his shape is questionable as he didn’t compete for a year. However, it might be a good decision because HAVU need an experienced player.

ottoNd returns to the pro scene with HAVU
ottoNd returns to the pro scene with HAVU

Also, HAVU announced the signing of Sm1llee. Sm1llee is a 19-year-old rifler who has changed the team for the first time in his career. The previous year he had been performing for hREDS, where he was showing outstanding statistics.

All in all, HAVU have signed a brilliant two-player pack – experienced AWPer and young skillful rifler.

Current HAVU roster: Olli "⁠sLowi⁠" Pitkänen, Sami "⁠xseveN⁠" Laasanen, Jani "⁠Aerial⁠" Jussila, Otto "⁠ottoNd⁠" Sihvo, Joona "⁠Sm1llee⁠" Holmström, Taneli "⁠disturbed⁠" Veikkola (coach).