Outsiders and Astralis got their victories at PGL Major Antwerp 2022

The last BO1s have come to a close.

The second day of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage continues, and two more teams have reached 2-1.

Outsiders faced Complexity in the clash for 2-1.

The teams chose Overpass and showed an interesting fight in the first half. Outsiders won 8 rounds on the CT side. However, after the sides switched, the CIS team gained confidence and easily won the map 16-9. The best player was Jame with a 8.3 rating.

Outsiders took down Complexity
Outsiders took down Complexity

In the second match, Astralis faced MIBR.

In the first half of the Overpass, Astralis showed a confident performance and won 12 rounds. But after the sides switched, the Brazilians were able to return to the game, winning 7 rounds in a row. However, at the last moment, the Danish team was able to finish the game 16-13. BlameF showed a 6.9 rating.

Astralis and Outsiders are one step closer to the Legends stage, while MIBR and Complexity are one step away from relegation from the tournament.