Outsiders take down Sprout at ESL Pro League

Outsiders stay in the battle for the playoff spots.

Group B matches at ESL Pro League continue, and another team have achieved victory.

Outsiders faced Sprout. Previously, Outsiders lost two out of three matches to FURIA and ENCE, while Sprout didn’t manage to win a single standoff.

Outsiders take the second victory
Outsiders take the second victory

Sprout picked Vertigo and didn’t manage to seize an early advantage. However, they still won six rounds, staying in the game. After the sides switched, Sprout gained focus and managed to transfer the game into overtime. The first series decided the winner. The map ended 19-17 in favor of Sprout.

Outsiders chose Inferno. They won the first half 8-7 and were ready to go on the CT side. The second half wasn’t difficult for Outsiders. They lost only one round and finished the game 16-8.

The decider was Dust 2, and it was a disaster for Sprout. They won only three rounds in the first half. After the sides switched, Outsiders continued their domination and won the decider 16-4.

Outsiders take their second win and stay in the competition, while Sprout suffer from the fourth defeat and lose the opportunity to enter the playoff.