Patsi, YEKINDAR, Rain And K0nfig Talk About Preferences Between Grand Slam And Major

Professional players spoke about which trophy they would like to win.

Recently, there have been two main trophies in CS: GO - Intel Grand Slam and Major. posted an interview asking players for their opinion about what of these achievements is more important.

Robert Patsi Isyanov answered very quickly, without a moment's hesitation.

Intel Grand Slam. You need to win many tournaments, not just one.
Robert Patsi Isyanov

On the contrary, Marek YEKINDAR Galinskis speculated about the issue, although his opinion coincides with Patsi.

YEKINDAR would like to win the Intel Grand Slam
YEKINDAR would like to win the Intel Grand Slam
Probably Intel Grand Slam, although the major is excellent too. I don't know. I want to win both trophies, but I'll stick with IGS. IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne are the same world championships, but without stickers, and once they were majors. So just imagine that you won Katowice, Cologne, IEM Dallas, and ESL Pro League. It's cool, right?
Marek YEKINDAR Galinskis

Howard rain Nygard and Christian k0nfig Wienecke have the opposite opinion.

For me, winning the Major is more important. The Intel Grand Slam will come on its own if you're good. Major is a special feeling. It will remain more enjoyable to win even if we win the IGS.
Howard rain Nygard
The Major is the dream of any player. Winning the IGS can happen, but for this, you need to win other championships.
Christian k0nfig Wieneke

Now there are three teams in the race for the Grand Slam. Vitality and Cloud9 each have one trophy, with FaZe already holding three championships and only need to win one tournament to claim $1,000,000.