Top 5 Clutchers of ESL Pro League S17

Top 5 Clutchers of ESL Pro League S17

ESL Pro League Season 17 has ended, and FaZe became the champions and won the Intel Grand Slam, beating Cloud9 in the final of the event. However, in addition to FaZe, many other players were able to distinguish themselves at this event. The one who won the tensest situations and showed themself well in the minority. These are clutchers, which we will talk about in this material.

5th place: Robin ropz Kool


Well, our list is opened by the best player of the ESL Pro League - ropz. Despite not becoming the best clutcher, he felt confident in 1vsX situations. During the tournament, ropz won 2 rounds of 1 in 3, 3 situations of 1 in 2, and 2 1 in 1. The player played his positions well and made great decisions in stressful situations.

4th place: Helvijs broky Saukants


The FaZe Clan’s player took fourth place. Broky became the best clutcher on the team. Sniper was most successful in 1v2 situations, winning four such rounds. Broky's total number of clutches was 8. So, he became the best sniper in the tournament and one of the best clutchers.

3rd place: Felipe skullz Medeiros


In third place was an extremely unexpected player. paiN's team as a whole surprising during the ESL Pro League Season 17. The team made it to the tournament's playoffs and won one match, reaching the top 12 of the event. The rifler of the team, skullz, was especially distinguished and showed not only good shooting but also psychological stability. He won 10 clutch matches for the entire event, 8 of which were 1-on-1 situations. The Brazilian won many important rounds for the team.

2nd place: Justin jks Savage


Jks once again showed how to play clutches. This time he didn't become the best, but G2 didn't get far enough for jks to get into more dangerous situations. At the same time, the Australian won 1-on-1 situations and beat opponents in 1 vs. 2 rounds. He had four such victories. In total, jks made ten clutches during the tournament.

1st place: Ilya Perfecto Zalutsky


Well, the best clutcher was Perfecto. The player won 15 rounds for NAVI, which looks like a record number. At the same time, 11 of these rounds became 1-on-1 situations. Natus Vincere rifler really leaves no chance for opponents in the clutch, and it is better not to stay in duels with him.

In our previous article, we also identified the best sniper of the past tournament. The top performers included representatives from NAVI, FaZe, Cloud9, FORZE, and MOUZ.