PGL change tiebreak rules at RMR events

PGL responded to the criticism.

The RMR events are coming, and PGL made changes in the rules just before the tournaments, responding to criticism of the teams.

Not long ago, FURIA and Complexity critiqued PGL for the tiebreak system in RMR format. Europe and Americas tournaments are conducted in Swiss format. PGL use the Buchholz system at their events.

PGL change the rules responding to teams' criticism 
PGL change the rules responding to teams' criticism 

Tiebreak between the teams with similar statistics is not provided. It means that there is only one team out of two with 3-0 to get Legends status decided by seeding made with the Buchholz system. However, the most important part of the rules is the teams with 3-2 statistics. Only one out of the last three teams on the list will make it to the Major.

PGL responded with a change in the tiebreak rules. New rules provide a tiebreak for the spots at the Major. Teams will be gathered in a mini-bracket the day after the Swiss stage concludes.

However, the rules for 3-1 and 3-0 stay the same.