PGL Major Stockholm 2021 to use Buchholz system for seedings

A right decision.

More news from the event.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is right around the corner, as most things are getting sorted out to focus simply on the gameplay part of the biggest CS:GO event of the year.


With the Swiss system being in play for the first and the second stages of the event and Major seedings already getting relentlessly scrutinized, it was about time for PGL to announce that a Buchholz system is going to be used for the tiebreaker scenarios. Therefore, the best of ones are going to use the PGL rankings (those, where Team Spirit are ranked first in the first stage, while FaZe Clan are dead last, leading to a top-15 clash in the opening game), while in the best of threes it will be all about Buchholz system.

A system, which puts more perspective into who you have already played instead of the provisional rankings, is going to rank teams in “2-0”, “2-1”, “1-2” and “0-2” brackets to ensure the proper seedings for those tiebreaking games to avoid losing out on favourites too early into the event.