PGL to disqualify players for the positive tests

No virus or no Major.

A plot twist.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still a force and despite PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being hosted in Sweden, it seems like the tournament operator took notice of their mistakes during The International 10 in Bucharest, Romania and decided to implement a different set of rules this time.


With every team present in Stockholm and the local anti-pandemic laws and regulations still in check, all the players, coaches and managers are required to wear masks while interacting with other people. However, while in Bucharest teams, which showed symptoms, were allowed to play their games from hotel rooms, it is not going to be the case in Stockholm. Players, coaches and managers, who are going to be symptomatic to COVID-19, are going to be disqualified from participating in the tournament going forward, leaving their team without an important member.

Each of the 24 teams has to bring a substitute player, but only one, so it remains to be seen if those possible disqualifications are going to lead to an overall team removal from the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Different tournaments allowed the emergency subs, including the IEM Fall Europe, when Endpoint CeX managed to replace “BOROS” with “mirbit” due to visa issues, but it is unlikely that the Major will allow such substitutes to enter Sweden on a short notice.