CIS, Denmark overwhelm the rankings

CIS, Denmark overwhelm the rankings

Top CS:GO countries in 2021

Times have changed in 2021.

There were times in Counter-Strike history where very different countries were on top of the game, but 2021 is all about squads, representing CIS and Denmark. Latter, mainly based on Astralis and Heroic’s success, have 21 player in top teams, second best mark in the entire ranking.

First, however, is Russia, who have 23 players, representing the best teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Ukraine with 8, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with 7 and 1 respectively - that’s a mind-boggling number of 39, not even counting Baltics with players such as “ropz”, “broky”, “YEKINDAR” or “Bymas”.

Rounding out top-3 is Bulgaria, who has finally seen likes of Fiend and SKADE breaking into the top echelon in addition to “poizon” and “CeRq” still holding an AWP for Complexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses, while Poland, despite the lack of top teams, still has more than enough talented players to show for themselves.

Will likes of France, Brazil and Australia make its comeback to top after PGL Major Stockholm or CIS squads will grow their presence even more? We will find out in in few months..