Players get last playoff spot defeating GODSENT at ESL Pro League

Players reach the third victory.

Day 4 of Group C at ESL Pro League has come to a close, and all playoff spots have been distributed.

Players faced GODSENT. Previously, GODSENT got their first win against Party Astronauts, while Players had already had two victories on their account.

Players get the spot in the playoff of ESL Pro League
Players get the spot in the playoff of ESL Pro League

The standoff started with Inferno picked by GODSENT. The first half looked close, but Players still managed to win eight rounds on the CT side. The second half ended with the same score, and Players finished the game 16-14.

Players picked Overpass and started the map confidently. However, GODSENT showed resistance, and the CIS team only won eight rounds on the T side. After the sides switched, the Brazilian team showed a decent performance and finished the map 16-13.

The decider was Mirage, and Players destroyed their opponents on that map. The CIS team won 13 rounds on the T side, leaving GODSENT no space for the comeback. The map ended 16-3 in favor of Players.

Players get their third win and a spot in the playoff, while GODSENT lose the third time in a row and the opportunity to attend the main event.