Players get victory after outstanding comeback against BIG at ESL Pro League

Players take their second victory at the event.

Day 3 in Group C at ESL Pro League has started, and the first match of the day has come to a close.

Players faced BIG. Both teams got one victory and one defeat after the second day of Group C.

Players achieve the second victory at ESL Pro League 
Players achieve the second victory at ESL Pro League 

BIG picked Vertigo. The first half looked equal, but BIG still won eight rounds on the CT side. Players made it to the overtime in the second half. The first series didn’t decide the winner, but in the second series, Players snatched the victory just before BIG transferred the game into the third overtime. The map ended 22-20 in favor of the CIS team.

Players chose Ancient, and the first half was a disaster for the CIS team. BIG won ten rounds in the first half and were ready to finish the game. However, at a score of 13-5, Players started their comeback. The CIS team finished the map 16-14 and won the match.

Players take the second win, while BIG suffer from the second defeat.