ptr quits competitive CS:GO

ptr quits competitive CS:GO

Another blow for NA region

ptr calls it quits

Bad News Bears’s captain, “ptr” decided to retire from competitive CS:GO after a long and productive career. Ex-sniper for the likes of Team Dignitas and Counter Logic Gaming, “ptr” played at nearly all the big events including Majors, but spent a majority of his career trying to develop up and coming teams from North America.

Now “ptr” is going to chase a career in poker, while Bad News Bears need to find a replacement less than two weeks before their scheduled start at ESL Pro League Season 14. Tough group features Heroic, Astralis, Team Vitality, Team Spirit and ENCE Esports as their opponents, so finding a key substitute is key, if NA team wants to be competitive.

It remains to be seen who is going to be playing for Bad News Bears, especially with NA scene getting more and more shallow with players leaving for VALORANT, but timing of “ptr”’s announcement does not look the best right now.