QUAZAR leave PGL Europe RMR A

The CIS team are the first to be eliminated.

The second day of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A has started, and the first team have been eliminated.

QUAZAR faced Unique. Both teams had 0-2 on their record.

The first team have left the event
The first team have left the event

The match started with Ancient, picked by QUAZAR. The first half was competitive and ended 8-7 in favor of QUAZAR. After the sides switched, the team seized an advantage and quickly finished their pick 16-10.

Unique chose Overpass, and the first half was close. It ended 8-7 in favor of Unique. However, in the second half, Unique annihilated their opponents, winning the map 16-7.

The decider was Dust 2, and QUAZAR collapsed on this map. Their only managed to win five rounds throughout the game and lost the map 16-5.

QUAZAR leave the event with 0-3, while Unique stay at the tournament with 1-2 on their record.