Pros and amateurs to clash at Red Bull Flick 2vs2 Invitational this November

Professional players against the amateur ones.

A fun tournament to watch.

Once PGL Major Stockholm 2021 ends and before the beginning of the BLAST Premier Fall Finals in Copenhagen, Denmark, CS:GO world will be able to watch the Red Bull Flick 2vs2 Invitational, which is going to take place in Helsinki, Finland and feature sixteen duos clashing for nearly a 60 thousand dollars prize pool.


Ten of those squads will be filled with amateur players, who will have to go through the closed online qualifiers to determine eight of the participants, while the remaining two will go to the Nordic and the Finnish qualifier, respectively. The favourites, however, will be the professional players, representing six of the best teams in the world. The hometown heroes, “Aleksib” and “doto” will play with their OG and ENCE Esports teammates “valde” and “dycha”, while “yuurih” and “KSCERATO” are going to be the only non-European team at the event, playing for FURIA Esports. “Aqua” and “prosus” will play on behalf of BIG, despite being their Academy players, CIS is going to show in spades with a “sdy”/”magixx” duo of Team Spirit, while the Kovac duo of “NiKo” and “huNter-” will be the main favourite of the event, playing for the G2 Esports’s banner.

The tournament is going to take place from November 19th to 21st in the custom game mode, featuring the high-paced action, while many of the famous broadcasters will stream the Red Bull-sponsored event.