Refrezh benched in Heroic

Heroic started to change the roster.

For the last two years, Heroic have not left tier-1 scene, showing high results. At both Majors, the team took the top 8, but today's news suggests that these results are not high enough.

refrezh leaves Heroic
refrezh leaves Heroic

Heroic announced the benching of Ismail "refrezh" Ali. The last change in the line-up of Heroic occurred in February 2021, when Rasmus "sjuush" Beck and refrezh joined the team. Refrezh has been in the lineup for almost 500 days and is now leaving it. According to, Heroic are in talks with Copenhagen Flames to sign Jacob "jabbi" Nygaard.

When considering this solution from a statistical point of view, we can say that this replacement looks consistent. Refrezh failed more often than other players, his average rating at S-tier tournaments is 5.4, and despite recent championship, refrezh was really a weak link.