RMR tournaments to be conducted in Romania on LAN

PGL announced RMR events for every region.

Not long ago Valve released a rulebook, which confirmed one and only RMR event for each region and formalized the rules for all regions. Today PGL announced the location of the tournaments.

PGL reported that RMR events are to be conducted in Romania beginning on April 11th. Tournaments for every region won’t be simultaneous, and PGL have announced the schedule for the tournaments:

PGL have announced RMR events
PGL have announced RMR events

Americas RMR (16 teams): April 11-14

Asia RMR (4 teams): April 15-16

Europe RMR A (16 teams): April 17-20

Europe RMR B (16 teams): April 21-24

There will be 2 RMR events for Europe as there are 32 teams to fight for the spots at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Teams, who delivered decent results at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, received a direct invite to the RMR event, while other lineups will need to secure the spots in Bucharest in open qualifiers.

Open qualifiers will start in February. Europe gets four open qualifier events starting on February 19th. Americas also get four open qualifiers, but they will be split between North America and South America equally. Four Asia RMR spots will be split among four regions: China, Oceania, Middle East, and Rest of Asia. Information on open qualifiers will be given later.