Ropz returns to FaZe

Estonian rifler joins the team at IEM Katowice.

Robin "⁠ropz⁠" Kool was tested positive for COVID-19 just before IEM Katowice 2022, and FaZe decided to use a stand-in in the early stage of the event. However, today rifler returns to the team.

FaZe announced that ropz was tested negative for COVID-19 and would join the team before the clash against fnatic.

ropz returns to the team
ropz returns to the team

Justin "⁠jks⁠" Savage replaced Estonian during his absence and showed decent performance helping FaZe to advance to the main stage. Also, Australian shined in the clash against Liquid which led to FaZe entering the upper bracket semifinal. Currently, jks is benched in Complexity, and this performance might remind the teams of his existence and help him find a new place to compete.

Today, FaZe will face fnatic in the upper bracket semifinal of group B.