Rumor: BLAST Plans to Hold the Group Stage Of the Paris Major With Spectators

Rumor: BLAST Plans to Hold the Group Stage Of the Paris Major With Spectators

Paris Major can use the model of IEM Rio Major 2022.

Insider Ryan Ryan Friend reported that BLAST is exploring the possibility of holding the Challengers and Legends stages of the Paris Major. He wrote this on his Twitter.

BLAST is currently exploring having the Challengers and Legends in front of a crowd. The organizers are more focused on the playoffs in the Arena and delivering the best product they can.
Ryan Ryan Friend

Experience of IEM Rio Major

IEM Rio Major 2022 was the third Major to be held under the new three-stage format. And it became the first such event at which the audience was present from the very first stage. Then ESL positively influenced the broadcast and the atmosphere with the help of this move.

The Brazilian audience was able to support their teams, not all of which reached the playoffs, and created a festive atmosphere from the very start of the tournament. This is definitely a positive experience.


Will Such a Model Work In Paris?

The spectators in Rio showed themselves well in many ways because they were cheering for the home teams, and many were at the Challengers stage. However, is it possible to repeat this with the French audience?

Now three leading teams on the French scene can compete for a place at the Major. These are HEET, LDLC, and Falcons. If even one of these teams makes it to the Paris Major group stage, the local audience will cheer for any of them.

Falcons can attract a lot of fans
Falcons can attract a lot of fans

To this, it is worth adding Richard shox Papillon's team about the collection he announced quite recently.

Undoubtedly, the audience on the group stage will significantly influence the general atmosphere of the event. Still, everything will also depend on the tournament operator. The realization that the public on the group stage should be approached with the same seriousness as the audience in the playoffs. And BLAST should hold the first stages of the Major with spectators only if the organizers have enough resources to do it at the highest level.

When Will the Paris Major Be Held?

The Paris Major will begin on May 5th. Before the event, RMR tournaments will be held, determining the Major's participants. We wrote about them in this article.