Rumor: Evil Geniuses to build academy system

The American team might have two more rosters.

Evil Geniuses have enormous problems with a new roster that was built during the global reshuffle. The team didn’t manage to qualify for the Major and Blast Premier Fall Final, missing every tier-1 event which will be held in the nearest future. And appearing rumors look consistent.

According to, Evil Geniuses are at the final stages of building two academy rosters. Insiders report that the American team are looking forward to signing Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts. Party Astronauts are much closer to signing than Carpe Diem.

Evil Geniuses to acquire to more rosters
Evil Geniuses to acquire to more rosters

Evil Geniuses require changes to the team. However, the team might find their game in the future, and substitutions may become a bigger problem. According to rumors, Evil Geniuses have found an elegant solution. The organization gives players more time for adaptation and raises young talents in case the main roster will need substitutions in the future.

These rumors mean that Evil Geniuses have big plans for the future of the CS roster.