Rumor: flamie might join 1WIN

Legendary CIS player is looking at the options.

Egor “flamie” Vasiliev entered free agency in September 2021 and still hasn’t found a team to play in 2022. However, rumors about the future of ex-NaVi player have started to appear.

flamie might have found a team for 2022
flamie might have found a team for 2022

According to Overdrive, flamie might join CIS organization 1WIN. 1WIN is known for gathering experienced players, who have shined earlier. The most famous players to be in 1WIN are starix and DavCost, who were seeking success after parting ways with their previous organizations. And the current roster of 1WIN couldn’t be called young as the average age of the players is 23.4 years. However, it still might be a good option for flamie.

Flamie became inactive in March 2021, when Valeriy “B1T” Vakhovskiy made it to the main roster. There was no practice for him till September 2021, when flamie joined NaVi Junior to come back to the scene. And 1WIN might become the comfortable place to practice before joining a better team to return to the tier-1 level.