Rumor: fnatic bench smooya (confirmed)*

Fnatic might make changes to the roster.

Fnatic have already left Katowice losing to Astralis in the lower bracket semifinal of group B. It was a disappointing result, and the team might want to make changes to the roster.

According to Luís Mira, fnatic have already decided to remove Owen "⁠smooya⁠" Butterfield from the active roster. Also, the player himself hinted at it on his Twitter. “Airports are brutal to receive bad news in, the flight leaving now!” – smooya reported.

smooya might end up on the bench in the near future
smooya might end up on the bench in the near future

Fnatic started IEM Katowice from the Play-In stage. They managed to complete with one defeat. However, they were eliminated by Astralis, achieving only one win in the group stage. And smooya didn’t shine at the event as he didn’t show even 1 KD in Katowice. It is a problem for an AWPer as he should be the highest-scoring player on the team.

Also, Luís Mira (the original insider) reported that fnatic had made the decision before their elimination from IEM Katowice.

*Smooya has been replaced by Iulian "⁠regali⁠" Harjău from fnatic Rising.