Rumor: nitr0 returns to CS:GO

Legendary American player could be returning from Valorant.

nitr0 switched to Valorant a year ago
nitr0 switched to Valorant a year ago

According to’s information, nitr0’s return to Liquid is a “close to a done deal”. There were a lot of rumors about Liquid disband, which was even confirmed by active Liquid players. But there was no information about the new roster yet.

Nitr0 is a legendary player for the American scene. Captain of Team Liquid won multiple international LANs with a team and was a key player in the roster, which achieved the second Intel Grand Slam. A year ago Nick “n1tr0” Canella switched to Valorant after leaving Team Liquid. It was one of the hardest times in the history of American organizations and the roster was destroyed after three failed tournaments and hard times for American CS in the period of the pandemic.

According to insiders’ information, Liquid’s disbanding is planned to be executed at the end of this year. At this time new roster for 2022 should be announced.