Rumor: Team Spirit academy rebuilding

Team Spirit are planning to come back.

Team Spirit have put the roster together but it is not the last report about the organization. According to Overdrive’s information, the CIS organization is going to build an academy.

Spirit are struggling to come back
Spirit are struggling to come back

Team Spirit have already taken part in ESL Challenger Anaheim 2021 in a new roster. Unfortunately, they left the tournament after two defeats. However, there is another news. Overdrive reported that Team Spirit have resurrected the idea of the academy and already built a roster.

A possible roster of Team Spirit Academy: Daniil “donk” Kryshkovets, Artem “artfrost” Kharitonov, Notineki, Aleksandr “KaiR0N-“ Anashkin, Myroslav “zont1x” Plakhotia. The majority of the players have no performances higher than tier-3 level. However, it is a good decision to build an academy.

Team Spirit have been eliminated from the group stage of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. After this event roster was disbandS