Russian players leave NaVi academy system

NaVi academy rosters are now fully Ukrainian.

A few days ago, NaVi CEO Yevhen Zolotarov reported that the organization wouldn’t work with players paying taxes in Russia due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but they will help members of the team with relocation. Today, the first news on this topic has appeared.

fear returns to NaVi Junior
fear returns to NaVi Junior

NaVi announced that all Russian players left the NaVi academy system. Vladislav ‘’latt1kk’’ Vydrin, Dmitriy ‘’fe2nk’’ Gladskih, and Vladislav ‘’xiELO-‘’ Lysov left their teams. NaVi offered the players help with relocation, but due to their age, it was not possible.

After the departure of Russian players, Rodion ‘’fear’’ Smyk and Artyom ‘’kensizor’’ Kapran returned to the academy system. Currently, there are not enough players to build the rosters, but NaVi can still merge two academy teams. Also, the organization reported that they would complete the lineups soon.