S1mple Cheered Up a German Commentator Who Burst Into Tears at IEM Cologne

NAVI sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev reacted to a video with German commentator Dominik slam Sommersperger, where he shed a tear after the grand final of IEM Cologne 2022.

Hello, my name is slam, and I burst into tears live with 12 thousand viewers because I could no longer stand the beauty of the final in Cologne. After 18 years in CS: GO and almost three years of commenting online, this was my first arena casting experience. All the stars aligned to make this the best weekend of my life.
Dominik slam Sommersperger

Dominik's Reddit post was seen by s1mple, to which he responded as follows.

Hello Slam. I don't know your Twitter yet, but you should be proud of yourself - this is the Lanxess Arena. Get ready for the next tournaments.
Alexander s1mple Kostylev

Recall that although NAVI lost in the IEM Cologne grand final, Kostylev earned an MVP medal and presented his medal for second place to the crowd.