S1mple is the MVP of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021

S1mple gets the seventh MVP medal this year.

s1mple won another tournament with NaVi
s1mple won another tournament with NaVi

Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was awarded the MVP medal of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021. AWPer led NaVi to the win at this championship.

S1mple was the best player in the tournament in terms of statistics. CIS AWPer scored the most kills per round (0.93) showed outstanding skill with the AWP (0.39 kills per round) and played the most rounds with at least one kill (58.8 %). Also, s1mple is at the top of other statistics leaderboards.

S1mple matched the record of Nicolai “device” Reedtz getting the seventh MVP medal in one year. And he will have a chance to break the record at the last Big Event of the year – Blast Premier World Final 2021.

Blast Premier World Final 2021 starts on the 14th of December and it will be the last tournament of the year for NaVi and other tier-1 teams.