S1mple is the MVP of Blast Premier World Final 2021

S1mple gained the 8th MVP medal of the year.

NaVi have won Blast Premier World Final 2021. Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was in the lead of his team throughout the tournament and got the MVP medal he deserved.

s1mple has set a new record
s1mple has set a new record

S1mple has shown an incredible 1.5 KD and excelled every player at the tournament in terms of statistics. NaVi have lost only one match throughout the tournament. The CIS team were defeated by Liquid in the opening round. Even in that match s1mple nearly got 1 KD. The Ukrainian AWPer showed an outstanding level of individual skill and must be the best player of 2021.

With the 8th MVP medal in the pocket, s1mple has beaten Nicolai’s “device” Reedtz record of 7 MVPs earned in 2018.