Sangal Esports will sign woxic's squad

Sangal Esports will sign woxic's squad

Turkish super team is signed.

Sangal Esports, one of the biggest organisations in Turkey, is going to become a home for the strongest lineup country has seen since the dissolution of Space Soldiers squad few years ago.

“woxic”, one of best snipers on the planet, is going to headline the team alongside ex-BIG rifler “XANTARES”, while another star, “Calyx” will reunite with his old teammate and lead the charge. All three are coming from a relatively disappointing first half of 2021, as Calyx’s Team Envy decided to call it quits and woxic’s Cloud9 lineup did the same shortly after. XANTARES, however, was clearly lagging behind his own expectations in BIG, as German team decided to sign “gade” and clear the path for Turkish player to join ambitious project as an in-game leader.

Other two players will be “imoRR”, one of the strongest riflers in Turkey and experienced “paz”, who played with “XANTARES” and “Calyx” in Space Soldiers. Who is going to coach the team is unknown for now, but it is expected to be clarified once “super team” is officially signed.

It’s unlikely that Sangal Esports is going to be able to qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major 2021, however they’ll play all the smaller events to boost their ranking and move closer to returning to the grandest of stages.