Semmler: "I Heard That the Main Investor In BLAST Is the Danish Authorities"

English-speaking commentator Auguste Semmler Masson shared rumors about who could be the main investor in the tournament operator BLAST.

I remember that BLAST received $12.5 million in 2020. Later, they lost almost 12 million in the same year, or 2021. But they invested in a new studio, which can be called a campus, in which they invested a lot of money, making a real home base in Copenhagen. They attracted a lot of money but also seriously shelled out.

I heard that the main investor of BLAST is the Danish authorities. BLAST receives a lot of money directly from Denmark. This country is very progressive when it comes to esports and gaming. They have the support of students, schools, and companies that work in this area.

Auguste Semmler Masson

The nearest event from this tournament organizer, BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022, will be held on August 18 - 29. It will raffle off tickets to the Fall Finals and a prize pool of over $175,000.