Sh1ro Is the Best Player of the Third Day of the Roobet Cup

The Cloud9 sniper still shows the best results ever.

The third day of the Roobet Cup 2022 comes to its end. Four teams have earned places in the playoffs, and we can look at the statistics in detail to determine the day's leaders.

The best player on the third day of the tournament is sh1ro. During the match against Astralis, the sniper scored 8.0. The Russian player finished the game with KD 47-23 and ADR 102. He showed perfect statistics in open frags and won all eight open duels he participated in. Also, sh1ro made 13 multi-kills, one of which was a quadruple kill. The sniper also showed the best accuracy in his team (28%). sh1ro's individual performance was one of the critical factors for Cloud9's win. He also played the role of support in many situations, blinding the opponents for 86 seconds, which is the highest indicator in the team. The total sh1ro dealt was 4.7 thousand.

The closest pursuer of sh1ro was his teammate - Hobbit. Rifler scored 7.3 in the same game, ending the match with KD 43-26 and ADR 102.

The top three players of the tournament by average rating are sh1ro, XANTARES, Hobbit.

Today Roobet Cup 2022 will continue, and four teams will leave the tournament.