YNG Sharks shut MIBR out, advance to PGL Major Stockholm 2021

A great performance from the up and coming team.

The most important match of the event.

Due to Bravos Gaming’s multiple roster changes throughout the season, only YNG Sharks and MIBR had a realistic chance of making it to PGL Major Stockholm. The points differential between the two meant that whoever placed higher at the IEM Fall South America would go to Sweden, as both Sharks Esports and MIBR faced each other in the consolidation match.

MIBR started strong on Nuke, opening with the first four rounds, but YNG Sharks turned the half on its head, winning it “9-6”. Switching to defence, Sharks looked to pitch a shutout, as they led “13-6” before MIBR started to mount their comeback on the offensive side of the map, but it was too far gone at that point, as Sharks Esports secured the first map in the series, “16-12”. Moving to Mirage, MIBR once again had a “5-3” lead, but lost to a force buy round with two saved guns and surrendered the half, “6-9”. One more pistol round win gave MIBR and their fans a glimmer of hope, but YNG Sharks crushed the defence in the following round and cruised to a “16-7” victory on the back of their offence to win the entire series, “2-0.

While MIBR’s disappointing season continues, YNG Sharks will debut at the Majors with their trip to Sweden coming up, once they are done with IEM Fall South America, as Bravos Gaming are waiting in the grand finals.