Sharks sign chay, matios

Sharks have completed the roster.

Sharks have shown themselves qualifying for PGL Major Stockholm 2021, and they are ready to compete in the new season.

Sharks have announced the signing of João "⁠matios⁠" Guedes and Richard "⁠chay⁠" Seidy. Both players left SWS to join Sharks. The Brazilian team has filled two vacant spots left after they parted ways with three players from the previous roster.

Sharks have updated the roster
Sharks have updated the roster

SWS weren’t the shining team because they have been attending only tier-3 events where they were showing decent results. However, matios and chay were excelling from other players of the team, being the best riflers on the roster.

Sharks made the right decision signing two young players.

Current Sharks roster: Jhonatan "⁠jnt⁠" Silva, Lucas "⁠Lucaozy⁠" Neves, Romeu "⁠zevy⁠" Rocco, Richard "⁠chay⁠" Seidy, João "⁠matios⁠" Guedes, Hélder "⁠coachi⁠" Sancho (coach).