Shox Announced the Composition Of His Team: SmithZz Resumed His Player Career

Shox Announced the Composition Of His Team: SmithZz Resumed His Player Career

French cyber sportsman Richard shox Papillon announced the members of his CS:GO team. The announcement was made during Papillon's personal broadcast on Twitch.

One of the team's players is Edouard SmithZz Dubourdeaux, who previously performed together with shox. However, Dubourdeaux will act as a player only for a short time. Then, he will give way to a younger athlete in the starting lineup and take the coach position.

In February 2020, SmithZz announced the end of his career as a professional player in CS:GO. Before that, he represented Titan Esports, Team Envy, Team LDLC, and other lesser-known clubs. He also managed to work with G2 Esports as a coach.

Edouard SmithZz Dubourdeaux
Edouard SmithZz Dubourdeaux

Earlier, shox stated that the primary goal of his project is to be selected for the Paris Major 2023. The tournament will be held from May 8 to 21 in Paris, France. The teams will compete for a prize fund of $1.25 million. The RMR championships will be held on April 3-9, and their qualifiers will be held in February and March.

Shox's last team was Apeks, in which he performed from August to October 2022, after which he was sent to the reserve. Previously, Papillon represented Team Liquid, Team Vitality, G2 Esports, and Titan Esports.

The team was also joined by young French esports athletes Ryan Neityu Aubrey, Jeremy Kursy Gast, and Paul day0s Neil.

The composition of the new shox's team:

  • Richard shox Papillon
  • Edouard SmithZz Dubourdeaux
  • Ryan Neityu Aubrey
  • Jeremy Kursy Hast
  • Paul day0s Neil