Shox joins Liquid

The legendary French player is going to North America.

Liquid continue to announce the players from their new roster. Today organization has confirmed another leak.

shox starts a new chapter in his career
shox starts a new chapter in his career

Richard “shox” Papillon has left Vitality after Blast Premier World Final 2021 as it became clear that the French team is going to sign the ex-Astralis trio. Shox had joined Vitality in October 2019 and was an important part of the roster ever since. He was a controversial player as the community wasn’t satisfied with his performance at some events. However, he used to shine when it was needed. But today French rifler finished another episode in his long and successful career to start another.

Shox will be the only European player in the new Liquid roster, and it might be exceptionally useful for the team as the French rifler has a lot of experience in performing on the tier-1 scene in the strongest region.

It is only one spot in Liquid left and, according to the latest leaks, it will be occupied by Nick “nitr0” Canella, who will return from Valorant.