SINNERS and ENCE ease past their opponents

The last BO1s have been finished.

The last BO1s at PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B have come to a close, and two teams reached 2-1.

ENCE faced HEET. Both teams finished the first day with 1-1 on their record.

ENCE are one step away from the Major
ENCE are one step away from the Major

This Ancient was quick as ENCE seized an early advantage and were ready to continue their domination in the second. The match ended 16-8 in favor of the Finnish team.

ENCE go to 2-1, while HEET are one step away from the elimination.

In the second match of the pair, SINNERS faced Spirit.

This standoff was even quicker as SINNERS won 12 rounds in the first half of Nuke. And the situation didn’t change after the sides switched. SINNERS finished the standoff 16-6.

SINNERS are preparing for the battle for the spot at the Major, while Spirit face elimination.