Sinners Esports win Sazka eLeague Fall Finals 2021

The best squad in the region.

Another event in the books.

While the favourites are preparing for PGL Major Stockholm 2021, Sinners Esports, who have narrowly missed the qualifying spot at the biggest tournament of the season, took part in the Sazka eLeague Fall Finals 2021, an event with more than 30 thousand dollars prize pool.


A centerpiece of a Czech CS:GO ecosystem, the event hosted four best teams in the region, including Sinners, who had narrowly escaped eSuba in the semifinal, winning both Vertigo and Nuke in the last round of regulation, “16-14”, “16-14”. eSuba still finished third, as they managed to overcome Entropiq Prague in the additional game, this time winning Vertigo, “16-11” and then closing the game in overtime on Nuke, “19-17”. Enterprise, an up and coming Czech team upset Sinners Esports on Overpass, winning it “16-13”, but the favourites fired back on Ancient, “16-8” and then closed things on Nuke, “16-12”, taking the first place in the tournament.

Almost 24 thousand for the first place is more than Sinners Esports could have won at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 barring a playoff entrance, so even from that standpoint winning a big domestic championship is a good thing.