SINNERS sign forsyy

Another team have entered the reshuffle.

Tier-2 teams continue to change the roster, and another organization has made changes to the roster.

SINNERS have announced signing David "⁠forsyy⁠" Bílý. Czech organization has transferred him from the Slovakian team Enterprise. He performed for them for nearly 8 months showing decent results at local tournaments and playing at other tier-2 and tier-3 events, taking modest 6-16th places. The team qualified for Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 Main Swiss Stage, but forsyy still decided to change the team.

forsyy replaced oskar in SINNERS
forsyy replaced oskar in SINNERS

Forsyy excelled from his teammates in Enterprise. He consistently showed more than 1 KD ratio and did his job for the team in the majority of the matches.

However, to make this change, SINNERS had to bid farewell to one of the players. And they chose Tomáš "⁠oskar⁠" Šťastný. Oskar joined SINNERS in December 2020, but it wasn’t the most successful period of his career, as in 2016-2019 he was playing for MOUZ, and since then his shape has started to decrease. There is still no information about Czech veteran's future.

Current SINNERS roster: Jindřich "⁠ZEDKO⁠" Chyba, Adam "⁠NEOFRAG⁠" Zouhar, Sebastian "⁠beastik⁠" Daňo, Max "⁠SHOCK⁠" Kvapil, David "⁠forsyy⁠" Bílý, Tomáš "⁠Tomkeejs⁠" Tomka (coach)