SKADE win Elisa Invitational Winter

SKADE triumphed at tier-2 event.

Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 has come to a close, and the champions turned out to be unpredictable.

SKADE faced HEET in the grand final. HEET started to show better results after finding the organization and were the favorites of the grand final.

SKADE picked Overpass and dominated the first half of this map. They won 10 rounds out of 15 and didn’t stop after the sides switched. The map ended 16-8 in favor of SKADE.

SKADE are the champions of Elisa Invitational Winter
SKADE are the champions of Elisa Invitational Winter

HEET decided to play Dust 2 and didn’t manage to seize an early advantage. SKADE took the initiative and won 10 rounds on the CT side. The ending of the map was the same as before, and SKADE won the opponents’ pick 16-8.

Talking about their journey at the tournament, SKADE showed dominating performance. The team lost only one map throughout the playoff and didn’t give a chance to Copenhagen Flames and HEET.

SKADE took the championship title and $50,000.