Smooya joins Into the Breach on trial

British AWPer has found a place to compete.

Not long ago, fnatic bided their farewell to Owen "smooya" Butterfield replacing him with a player from the academy team. Smooya lost the team mid-season but has found an option for the nearest month.

Into the Breach announced adding smooya to the roster on trial. He will spend a month with the team before they will discuss his future. Into the Breach had two vacant spots after benching Yaroslav "isk" Issakov and Kirk "Tadpole" Stephens. Smooya will fill one of the spots, but he is not a part of the permanent roster.

smooya joins Into the Breach
smooya joins Into the Breach

Previously, smooya was playing for fnatic after he joined the teams in October 2021. However, he didn’t fit the team and was benched in February 2022. After a week on the bench, the contract with the British AWPer was terminated.

Into the Breach active roster: Cai "CYPHER" Watson, William "dobbo" Dobson, Adam "Adam9130" Ahmad, Owen "smooya" Butterfield (on trial), Gustavo "Juve" Alexandre (coach).