Somebody retires

Chinese player finishes his long career.

Not long ago, TYLOO announced the return of Hansel "⁠BnTeT⁠" Ferdinand, and it made six players on the roster simultaneously. However, today the place for the Indonesian has been made.

TYLOO announced the retirement of HaoWen "⁠somebody⁠" Xu. Somebody joined the team in April 2015, and it was his only team for his entire career.

somebody leaves CS:GO professional scene
somebody leaves CS:GO professional scene

TYLOO are currently the best Asian team, and it was so for all seven years somebody stayed in the team. However, the Chinese team weren’t able to show high results at international tournaments as the level of performance in the Asian region is much lower than in Europe and the Americas. TYLOO weren’t able to qualify for the group stage at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, and it was the last Major somebody attended. Somebody’s last international big event is IEM Winter 2021, where TYLOO didn’t manage to win a single map.