Sprout make a roster swap

Sprout make a roster swap

Another change before season resumes.

A new change in German organisation.

Shortly after BIG decided to bring “gade” instead of “XANTARES”, another German team with high aspirations went for a roster change.

Sprout, who split with “snatchie” and “dycha” in the beginning of the year, citing their desire to go into full German-speaking lineup, benched “denis” in favour of an experienced Danish player, “raalz”, who has recently played for Lyngby Vikings.

If Dane speaks German, then it is a direct upgrade, as “raalz” was one of the most consistent riflers in the lower level of competition, while “denis” was lagging behind during Sprout’s recent stretch of subpar results. However, even if ESL Pro League Season 14 is out of reach, as Sprout did not qualify, slot at the PGL Major Stockholm is still in play. German team needs a decent result during the second RMR event of the year and that’ll likely going to be enough for their first berth at the biggest event.

But if not, then going back to full German lineup or an international one, might be the way to go.