TACO Expressed Dissatisfaction With the Current CS Scene

A Brazilian player has complained about the current state of the professional scene.

More and more players from outside the European region are beginning to express dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs on the professional scene. Epitachio TACO de Melo announced some problems today.

TACO has been on the road since 2020
TACO has been on the road since 2020

TACO spoke about the problems related to the lack of tournaments in America on his Twitter.

Playing CS today is the same as becoming a European. I have been traveling with the same suitcase since 2020, when the pandemic started. Crazy and terrible for a non-European player.
Epitachio TACO de Melo

And given that TACO is Brazilian, the situation is getting worse, so creating an American league would be a viable solution.