TACO Will Miss the BLAST.tv Paris Major

TACO Will Miss the BLAST.tv Paris Major

The Brazilian will not return to 00NATION after ESL Pro League Season 17.

00NATION player Epitácio TACO de Melo was reported to be inactive.

The player will take a break from the competition. He announced this on Twitter, describing the situation in detail.

Unfortunately I won't be attending the RMR and consequently the Paris Major. My future is uncertain even to myself and I'm taking the necessary time to recover and decide about my next steps. This doesn't mean I'm leaving ZeroZero or that I'm leaving CSGO, but that I'm taking care of myself, improving, learning, so I can direct not only my life to the right place, but any decision that I will have to take in the future regarding my career.
Epitácio TACO de Melo

00NATION's results without TACO

The loss of TACO should have been a heavy blow for 00NATION because the Brazilian played the role of captain in the team. And at the beginning of Group C at ESL Pro League Season 17, it seemed so because the team lost the first two matches without much chance of a comeback. However, a step away from relegation, 00NATION managed to gather their strength and, having won three matches in a row, made it to the ESL Pro League playoffs, a huge achievement for the Brazilians.

Yes, Leonardo n9xtz Santos, who replaced TACO, is still having trouble adjusting, but he did well in the final group match against NIP, where he scored a 6.2 rating. For now, 00NATION has nothing to worry about - the team is holding a great tournament.

Statistics of 00NATION in the match against NIP
Statistics of 00NATION in the match against NIP

TACO performance before inactive

TACO's last tournament before being inactive was the South American closed qualifier, which 00NATION won with a 3-2 record. Although the captain became the team's worst player, his average rating of 6.1 is excellent, considering that the team lost 2 matches.

However, despite this, TACO still went inactive. We wish him to solve his problems as soon as possible and return to the stage in his best form.