TaZ Announced the End of His Esports Career

TaZ Announced the End of His Esports Career

The professional player in various versions of Counter-Strike Wiktor TaZ Wojtas versions announced that he had finished his career as an athlete. The Polish player said this on Twitter.

TaZ's last pro-player club was HONORIS, which they co-founded with Filip NEO Kubski. Almost three years later, without achieving great results, they announced the organization's closure due to financial difficulties. You can read more about it here.

I am retiring. ♥️ See you again.
Wiktor TaZ Wojtas

What is TaZ known for?

Wojtas won 27 Counter-Strike tournaments, 12 competitive LAN tournaments, and one CS:GO Major — EMS One Katowice 2014. The Polish athlete played in 82 LAN championships and 12 Majors, where he repeatedly took prize places.

TaZ represented many teams during his career, but he succeeded tremendously in the Polish team Virtus.pro.

The end of the "golden" team of Virtus.pro

The "golden" squad of VP, that's what the Polish roster with TaZ, NEO, Snax, byali, and pashaBiceps is called, broke up very unexpectedly due to a conflict between the players on financial grounds. The story of the donated Mercedes car is often associated with the end of the Polish team Virtus.pro era. Anton Cherepennikov, the former general director of the organization, gave a vehicle to TaZ for the victory at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017, which caused the anger of other team players.

Captain NEO was particularly displeased with what was happening and stopped carrying out his duties of drafting tactics. According to pashaBiceps, this led to the gradual disintegration of the team.

TaZ has been playing on the professional Counter-Strike scene since 2001. During his career, he earned more than $744,000.