Team Spirit put "chopper" and "mir" on transfer

An unexpected move from the CIS team.

Another transfer bomb.

While it was known for few days that Team Spirit is going to look to change their lineup after a disappointing finish at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, it was also widely expected that the unit will stick together for one last tournament at Dreamhack Open November to try and secure the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference spot.

Instead the CIS team has announced that they are putting the in-game leader “chopper” and one of the biggest stars in “mir” on the transfer list, while promoting their sixth player, “Patsi” to fill one of the gaps. The second player to join for now will be another youngster “KaiRON-”, who was never affiliated with Spirit Academy before. It remains to be seen who is going to be leading the team inside of the game, but one would consider that it is going to be “sdy”, as he is the most experienced player on this lineup.


While not expected to reach the same peaks as the previous iteration did in the beginning of 2021, Team Spirit might get something for their former stars and see if they have a future with two rookies before making a potential splash move after the end of the Swedish Major.