Team Vitality move on at IEM Fall Europe

A great comeback by the Frenchmen.

Second match of the day.

As Ninjas in Pyjamas advanced to the semifinals, it was time for Copenhagen Flames and Team Vitality to join the server and find out who was going to face the Scandinavian team in the IEM Fall Europe semifinals.

The French team opened the map draft with their old staple, Dust2, which fell out of priority due to the recent changes to the map. It did not stop Team Vitality from obtaining a five round lead on the defence, however, and despite the Danish team rally towards the end of the map, winning it, “16-12”. Back and forth to start Vertigo, Copenhagen Flames secured a three round lead before the end of the half. Tied at 11, the Danish lineup looked to force a decider, as they won three in a row and were “5v2” in the following round, but Team Vitality’s heroics allowed them to not only snatch that round but win five in a row to win the map “16-14”, finishing with a “2-0” score in the series.

Now Copenhagen Flames will look to rebound in the 5th-8th place playoff bracket, as they only need one series victory to advance to PGL Major Stockholm, while Team Vitality are going to play Ninjas in Pyjamas in the semifinals later this week.