Heroic, BIG, FURIA sign The Louvre Agreement, obtain permanent spots at EPL

New teams in the agreement.

A massive ecosystem change.

The Louvre Agreement, the cornerstone of the ESL Pro League and ESL’s partnerships with the organizations, at some point featured 13 teams from all across the globe. With 100 Thieves leaving CS:GO last year, the number dropped to 12, but tonight it expanded for the first time since early 2020.

A combined 20 millions bid from three of the CS:GO scene staples in FURIA Esports, BIG and Heroic allowed all three to enter the agreement, which comes with the permanent spots at ESL Pro League. It comes handy for two of them, as neither Heroic or FURIA are partnered with BLAST, while BIG now have a spot in nearly every big competition throughout the year and all the chances to become one of the hottest teams in the circuit due to that fact.

That change nearly shatters the reports of Heroic supposedly seizing the operations after the end of PGL Major Stockholm, while elevating FURIA Esports to the apex of the South American CS:GO circuit. Fifteen teams are now going to be the constant factors during ESL Pro League and it remains to be seen if EPL is going to look and expand even more in the coming months.