The last stops at EU RMR distributed

The last two qualifiers have been finished.

The qualifiers for EU RMR have come to a close, and the last spots at the European RMR event have been distributed.

Eternal Fire, Sangal, fnatic, GamerLegion, and Anonymo have qualified for the RMR event through the European qualifier, while Quazar got their spot through the Far East Russia qualification. Fnatic were the last top team to take the spot at EU RMR, and they finally did it on the fourth try.

fnatic finally got their spot at EU RMR
fnatic finally got their spot at EU RMR

Anonymo had the most difficult journey in the qualifier. The team were destroyed by Eternal Fire in the deciding match and were knocked down to the 5th place decider. However, Anonymo managed to fight back and overcame Tricked to take the last spot at EU RMR.

The most unexpected team to miss EU RMR are SKADE. Yesterday, SKADE won Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 but didn’t manage to take over GamerLegion in the deciding match and lost the first match in the fifth place decider.

EU RMR event starts on April 17th.