Thorin: "The Opportunity to Win the Grand Slam And Major At the Same Time Sounds Crazy"

Thorin spoke about the possible achievement of FaZe.

FaZe is currently the best team in the world, one step away from the Intel Grand Slam. The club has already won three of the four tournaments needed to claim the $1,000,000 prize. Thorin spoke about a possible achievement.

FaZe can win two major trophies in one tournament
FaZe can win two major trophies in one tournament
The possibility of winning the Grand Slam at the same time as the major sounds crazy. It's hard to think of a more important moment in your career.
Duncan Thorin Shields

Speaking of this, Thorin alludes to FaZe Clan. According to the Grand Slam rules, only one season of the ESL Pro League counts, so the next possible tournament where the team can win this prize is IEM Rio 2022, which received Major status. Thus, FaZe can win two of the most influential CS: GO trophies in one tournament.